Personal Editing

Many photographers LOVE shooting but find themselves bogged down in the editing process. In feeling so overwhelmed they end up spending less time doing the more important things in business as well as neglecting time with family just to get this work done.

I'm fortunate that in my business I've not only found enjoyment in editing, but I've found a way to manage the workflow in order to get jobs done quickly! For a year now, I've been offering services as a personal photo editor to very talented wedding photographers that have relinquished control of this portion of their business in order to focus on the parts that are more enjoyable and important to them. If you believe you'd benefit from outsourcing and are interested in my services, please contact me today to see if we are compatible!

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Photographer Mentoring

I've been a wedding photographer for nearly 8 years and even since the early stages of my journey I've loved the community that this industry has built. Some of my closest friends have blessed my life through the photography world and I've loved helping these friends learn as they grow their own businesses! And in these 8 years, I've been through pretty much any experience imaginable that a wedding photographer could find themselves in. 

So recently, I began offering one on one mentoring sessions that can be customized to work on strengthening the areas of your business you feel you may need help with. These sessions can be in-person or via Skype or FaceTime chats.

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